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About a week ago my Windows Phone 7 decided that after months of perfect operation it would have its first coffee break. To preserve the battery I have most of the email synchronisations set to manual, one morning when requesting an update to my Hotmail I was greeted by nothing more than an error message and code. At first I thought this might be just a glitch at the Hotmail side, but after three days I still had no sync.

The error displayed was:

Windows Live error

Last updated 72 hours ago

We’re having a problem synchronising

your information. try again later.

last tried 2 seconds ago

Error code: 800C0069

So the first thing tried was the old ‘turn it off and on again’ nothing happened with that. As all my contacts are linked to Windows Live I didn’t want to fully remove the email account from the phone.

The final solution which did work was to uncheck the ‘sync email’ box on the sync settings screen, reboot the handset and then recheck the ‘sync email’ box. I have no idea what the underlying problem might have been but that fix has worked.