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So last night saw the return of the London SUGUK.

Matt Taylor has stepped down as co-coordinator for London and I want to thank Matt for all his efforts and establishing such a great user group.

So Steve Smith started proceedings with some ITPro and End User snippets. Starting with a small 3 slide long PowerPoint he dived straight into some demos.

The demos began with some SMTP love, must admit most of this talk of AD etc went a little over my head so frantic note taking was the order of the day. There were some neat tips about delegating administration via a customised MMC console and how to get around some production system challenges regarding SharePoint self-managing AD stuff.

Next demo came down to SQL Server databases and the fact that SP doesn’t always do the best defaults. I learnt some nice things about pre-creating a SQL database then using Central Admin to ensure that defaults were better suited to a production scale. Also the points about database growth were very interesting and I could see how these could be quickly leveraged to improve performance.

Finally was a quick run through of some Office functionality connecting search into the Office application and how to configure ‘save as’ links from the MySite UPA.

Then a short break in proceedings gave me just enough time to connect up my laptop and hope it played nice with the projector…. something about this W520 hates projectors….

Breathing a sigh of relief I launched into a Dev centric topic of Extending the Activity Feed within SP2010. The demo source code can be downloaded from code download and the slides can be seen below.

Thanks again for Steve for inviting me to present as it’s always a pleasure dusting off Visual Studio and sharing something cool with the SUGUK. Open-mouthed smile