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Recently my Lync 2013 client stopped being able to receive a shared screen from either internal or external contacts.

My problem was that every time someone tried to share their screen with me the following message was displayed:

   "An error occurred during the screen presentation"

Weirdest part, it was still possible to share the whiteboard and transfer files, just not share desktop or specific monitors?

So after some digging on the internet I found an answer. It turns out that our friend windows update pulls down two updates.

Apparently there is something missing from the KB2760556 patch.  It assumes that the previous update is there already, but if you try to install both at the same time things go wrong.

I removed all three of the Lync 2013 patches. 

  • Control Panel
  • Uninstall a program
  • View all updates
  • Remove all Lync patches under the Office 2013 section.
  • Reboot.

Check that screen sharing is back.

Then apply the Lync patches one at a time.  KB2760512 first, and then KB2760556

Afterwards check screen sharing is still working.

I hope this saves someone else the annoyance of missing a meeting presentation. Open-mouthed smile