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In 2019 the SharePoint Conference returns to the MGM Grand from May 21st until May 23rd. Hear all the latest news and updates from the Microsoft Product Teams and the SharePoint community.

Attending SPC enables you to connect with industry leaders, the Microsoft teams and each other to exchange ideas and collaborate to create solutions to solve your business challenges.

Coming in May this is the first of the two big Microsoft announcements for 2019, the other in November at Microsoft Ignite. You’ll see some amazing announcements as Microsoft strive to improve the modern workplace experience through SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and other Microsoft 365 technologies.

I’m very pleased to share the two sessions I’ll be presenting.

Taking community management to the next level with AI

Yammer group owners often act as subject matter experts for the business. Where Yammer provides an opportunity to share knowledge and insights, it relies heavily on an individual’s availability. This session will demonstrate how AI can support Yammer community managers by answering business questions in real-time, using the bot framework, QnA Maker, Flow and natural language. This session will also demonstrate how to centralise company know-how, for everyday use, by the business.

In this session we’ll walk through the ‘outer’ loop and take a look inside the community manager role within your organisation. These un-sung heroes often save people time and get the right information to team, and with work anytime and anywhere more common than ever how can we bolster their support with some of the latest Office 365 and Azure services.

We’ll step through a number of common ‘outer’ loop scenarios such as leadership engagement, communities and employee services.

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How to adopt SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

With so many great capabilities available out of the box, productivity owners are no longer asking what do we need to build?’ but how can we accelerate business performance out of the box?’ This session will provide a method for moving employees from email and file share to SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. This session will share common challenges and how to deal with them, as well as busting some common adoption myths.

Joined by Suzy, we’ll take a look at tried and tested approaches to influencing behaviours across teams to move them from an email and file share centric world and into Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Bust myths that boosting productivity involves complex change management process, showing how some simple steps can help an organisation get through large numbers of team onboarding without the disruption wholesale change can bring.

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