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Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 collaboration portfolio and combines many of the Office 365 services in a chat based workspace. Microsoft Teams also has many extensibility points and this series will explore them. We’ll use a fictional example and build it up in stages throughout the articles. At the end of the series you’ll be left with a prototype you can explore and build upon.

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So what did we build?

Our Microsoft Teams app (aka Silverstone Bot)  provides the following:

  • Provide access to the Silverstone knowledge base
  • Allow team members to ‘free chat’ about drivers
  • Help the team record all of the race incidents, who was involved and where around the circuit
  • Help the team record all of the overtaking, who passed who and more details about the move like where around the circuit



The following are useful resources:

Microsoft Teams getting started

Microsoft Teams User Voice

Design a great Microsoft Teams app

Microsoft Teams sample


Silverstone Bot on Github

Slides from the session

Here are the slides in Slideshare, the Gifs don’t seem to play in the browser though, so refer to them across these articles.