Hi my name is Wes Hackett, I’m a SharePoint MVP and a Chief Technical Officer at AddIn365 focused on SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.

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  1. Hi Wes,

    I attended the SPRetreat 2 with you and Andrew a few weeks back.

    Anyway, I am doing a presentation on CKSDev at Microsoft In Johannesburg next week. I use your guys tool a lot (I’m a huge fan of CKSDev) and I’m plugging it as the 1st tool post VS2010 for developers. I have pulled down your slides from SharePoint Saturday. I did not see your presentation unfortunately but your slides are very close to what I want to cover. Are you happy with me adapting your presentation to be a 15 minute plug on CKSDev?


  2. Hi Paul,

    Great to hear you’re getting benefit from the CKSDev tools. The slides are available from our CodePlex site as is the start and complete code WCM scenario examples. For a video of the SharePoint India version go here

    I’m more than happy for you to re-use the presentation 🙂



  3. Hi Paul,

    Our organisation is considering adopting My Sites but they would like a one-time opt-in before a user can view/edit their own profile page, or someone else’s. Do you have any suggestions for the best way of tackling this? I was considering having them create a profile attribute called MySitesConsent as a Bool.. Then I’d want something to check if that value is yes/no.. If it’s no then I want to redirect the user to a terms & conditions of use whereby agreeing it would change the value of that attribute to yes. Then they can view/edit profile pages. Have you run into this problem before?


  4. Wes,

    Your guide to passing Exam 77-886 is absolutely outstanding. I bookmarked in several months ago and refer to it often.

    I have 3 years of SharePoint 2007 user work and 6 months now of working with SharePoint Foundation 2010. I’d like to pass Exam 77-886 for SharePoint 2010 but I’m a bit worried that there is a new certification in process for SharePoint 2013. Is there a new SharePoint 2013 MOS certification test coming soon?

    Finally, I’d be glad to accept your link on LInkedIn. Thanks again for your wonderful study aides.


  5. @Everett,

    Couldn’t find the full article, but here is the gist. SharePoint doesn’t have an intrinsic protocol handler readily available for TFS so I had to resort to using SharePoint’s file share mechanism to index the source code. While not ideal it does allow the proof of concept to get up and running. Configure search and SharePoint against the TFS source code repository UNC file share. So the basic steps required are: Configure a UNC file share Schedule a Windows task to get the latest code from TFS to refresh the UNC file share contents. Configure SharePoint Search to index the file share Configure the SharePoint site search centre to display results.

    Some other resources you should check out are:

    TFS power tools

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