Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-886 Study Guide


I ‘m due to sit the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-886 beta exam. I thought I’d share the list of resources that helped me with my revision.

To help I’ve copied in the Microsoft learning content from

Creating and Formatting Content

Managing SharePoint Sites

Participating in User Communities

Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results

Integrating SharePoint 2010 Services and Microsoft Office 2010 applications

Hope you find this information helpful.


    • The exam is a mixture of scenario and multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions present four options to answer the posed question. The scenario based questions present a ‘real’ SharePoint environment to navigate around to perform the tasks. When in the scenarios be sure to read the task instructions carefully as sometimes the required action may need you to navigate to the page/site before performing the action. Also as SharePoint contains many ways to perform actions (like create a page) be sure to try another one if you find the option greyed out.

  1. Thanks alot Wes for the information.Even I was thinking how i am going to remember the stuff mentioned in the links.There is so much to remember and everytime i read something i forget about the previous one :).I will download and will practice more on the environment.I have Sharepoint foundation 2010 which has limited features as compare to Sharepoint server 2010.
    I hope it would help me to clear my exams.



  2. Wes, your info and guide looks very interesting – thanks hero! Before I go into learning for the exam, am I right that this exam requires only proficiency in the SP web editor environment and nothing to do with Designer/Visual Studio?
    Cheers, Mikey

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  5. Thank you for your help! I don’t know if it will work.

    I must say that I just didn’t succed the test. And I am now going to retake it.

    I did read the MOS study guide, and made all the excercises TWICE over a month. But the questions was almost everything else.

    For example i had to insert a webpart I had never heard of, and that i couldn’t find! There were two there had a similar name, but not exactly that what they wanted.

    And I had to do something at the Farm level, that I didn’t know what was either.

    I would have prefered a test that was much more covered by the study-book. Otherwise how am I and others going to learn? I do not have access to Sharepoint other places than at a school I attend for the purpose.

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