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The London SharePoint user group kicks off 2012 with Steve Smith and I presenting.

Session 1


SharePoint Administration – I always wondered what that was for.

By Steve Smith – Combined Knowledge

In this session Steve is going to help everyone understand some of the quirks and options that we see in SharePoint and what they do/break and how we then go about building the Infrastructure for it. An ideal session for SharePoint Admins and Developers alike. Plus he will throw in some Power user stuff to give everyone something to take away.

Session 2


Extending the SharePoint 2010 activity system

By Wes Hackett – Content and Code

Amongst the most anticipated new features of SharePoint 2010 were the social activity feed features which bring colleague activity as a feed to an individual. Natively the activity feed displays user profile changes, tagging and notes activity. Microsoft provides an API to extend the activity feed system with your own content. With this extensibility API it is possible to extend this to include custom activities. In this session we’ll explore the native system and the elements needed to extend it.

When and where?

March 1st

Start Time: 6PM
Finish: 9PM

After the event in a local watering hole.

Unfortunately there may not be food or beverage available for the meeting so please bring any drinks with you just in case.

Cavendish Conference Centre
22 Duchess Mews
London W1G 9DT

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